Guidance & Career Education Parts I & II


This online, interactive course is user friendly and allows real-time practice of the skills needed for the effective counsellor.

Course Requirements:
OSCA's Ethical Guidelines (download free when you register)
You must have AQ Part 1 to register for Part 2.
Part 2 requires a Teaching Experience Form

Course Cost:

There is no longer a text for this course.

Course Refund Protocol: 100% End of week 1, 75% During week 2, 50% to midpoint of course, No Refund after midpoint of course. Refunds subject to $25 administration Fee.

After we receive and process your registration:

  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your receipt. Please check your spam for your receipt if you do not get a receipt in your inbox.
  • You will be receive a link to register as an OSCA AQ member. Your instructor will provide you with the instructions.
  • You will receive the Ethical Guidelines for Ontario School Counsellors for free. On your receipt, click on the 'Product Download' link in order to download your copy of ethical guidelines.
    • You will also want to complete your profile in full to take advantage of all OSCA's publications including our quarterly professional magazine, OSCA Today, our weekly OSCA News
    • You will also have immediate access to a wealth of guidance specific resources
    • You will also have the opportunity to attend OSCA conferences and events at a preferred rate
  • Your instructor will contact you with a brief introduction to the course and your login instructions for the online sessions
  • Your instructor will be available before the course starts for any questions you may have

As with all Additional Qualification Courses, the Ontario College of Teachers regulates the content, delivery and number of hours that must be dedicated to each course.  Upon successful completion of a course your results will be uploaded to the OCT database.  Although the Ontario College of Teachers regulates the course, you do not have to be a certified teacher to enrol in our additional qualifications offerings - however, you must understand that your results will not be sent to the OCT, nor will they be applied in the future if you happen to complete your teaching qualifications and become an OCT member.  You will have to retake the course at that time if you wish to have it appear on your OCT record - no exceptions.