Frequently Asked Questions for OSCA AQ Courses: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

1. How much work is there?

Each course involves 125 of work as required by the Ontario College of Teachers. This is true for all online courses. The course work is self paced allowing you to work at any time.


2. How often am I required to be online?

As an enhancement to our courses we have guest speakers, online practice sessions and lessons one time per week in our virtual classroom. You are encouraged to attend these as often as possible. It is a great way to role play and try out your microcounselling skills. Otherwise you can be online according to your own schedule.


3. Can we speak to each other while online?

You will be able to chat, share ideas, issues and program together in the virtual classroom.


4. If I am already a member of OSCA, do I get next year’s subcription for free?

As a feature of taking your AQ through OSCA you are treated to a one year free subcription. This entitles you to reduced conference rates, access to the Members' Lounge on the OSCA website, our professional publication OSCA Today, and our weekly “OSCAnews” keeping you current on all things guidance. All registrations after June 1st will receive the following school year's membership.


5. Is my Pay Pal receipt enough evidence for my taxes?

It is, but you must claim in the section called, “Other types of tuition fees.


6. Are the live sessions “taped” for later review?

Our sessions with guest speakers are taped for review as often as you like.


7. Does this course count if I have a Technical Teacher Certificate?

Right now this AQ will not count towards your certificate at this time.


8. Do I have to have active counselling experience before I can take your Specialist AQ?

According to OCT you are required you produce evidence of guidance experience before taking the Part Three Specialist course. You can download the form  HERE


9. Do I need a letter of permission from my principal to take any of the AQ courses?

Not for Part one or Part Two, but evidence of guidance work for Part 3 is required.

10. Do I need to provide transcripts of previous AQ courses to enroll?

As long as the course is listed on your Teacher Record Card no further evidence is required.


11.  When does the course start and end?

Each session's  start date will as announced on that course's information page and posted in the AQ general information sections.