The Olive Diefenbaker Award of Merit

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Contribution to Guidance and Career Education

The Award of Merit was first presented in the spring of 1972.  In 1977 the OSCA Board of Directors passed a resolution to rename this award The Olive Diefenbaker Award of Merit to honour the late Mrs. Diefenbaker’s contribution to Guidance and Counselling in the Province of Ontario.  The first awards were presented by her daughter during the 1977 Annual Conference at Niagara Falls in November.  The citation on The Olive Diefenbaker Award of Merit reads:  “In recognition of long and dedicated service to guidance and counselling in the Province of Ontario”

This award is to recognize retiring individuals who have made a contribution to the Counselling and Guidance Profession in Ontario


  • This award may be presented to teacher-counsellors, teachers, administrators, trustees and/or members of the community
  • An OSCA member must nominate the retiree
  • The nomination must be seconded by another OSCA member
  • The nominee should:
    • Be retiring
    • Have been involved in Guidance and Career Education in Ontario for a minimum of five years.
    • Have demonstrated leadership in guidance through active participation in professional development, counsellor education, administrative support, promotion of guidance, professional writing, research, or in contributing to professional guidance and counselling organizations.

The awards will be mailed to the nominator for presentation by the nominator or by another OSCA member appointed by the nominator.  These awards are often presented at retirement functions rather than the Awards Banquet.

The names of the recipients of The Olive Diefenbaker Awards will be noted in the official program of the OSCA Conference.


  • Nominations for this award must be submitted by an OSCA member
  • The nomination must be seconded by another OSCA member
  • Nominations must be received six weeks in advance of the presentation date.