OSCA/ACOSO 2019 Conference

"Constructing a Bright Future - Avenues for Careers and Personal Decision Making"
October 17-18, 2019
University of Toronto- Mississauga

 OSCA/ACOSO 2019 celebrates 55 years of leading the way in Guidance and Career Educationin Ontario. In helping students to become architects of their own lives (Creating Pathways to Success,page 10) , this year's conference is designed to explore the unique opportunities available to ourstudents as they begin “Constructing a Bright Future: Avenues for Career and PersonalDecision Making”. We are seeking presentation proposals that will focus on two main themes inorder to provide our members with the highest quality professional development. Each day will focus on one of the themes.

Conference Subthemes

Mental Health and Well-being

Ontario students come to us from diverse backgrounds and with a complex set of experiencesand needs. We have seen a rise in the number of students who are dealing withsocial/emotional issues, and Mental Health promotion is a focus for school boards across theprovince. Meeting the needs related to Mental Health and Well-Being will be the focus of theseworkshops designed to assist counsellors in understanding and supporting today’s learner.Share how you have informed, engaged and supported all types of learners in fostering positiveMental Health and Well-Being practices.

Modern Pathways

The landscape of the workplace is changing rapidly. Future Ready students will need strongleadership and global competencies to be competitive as they meet the expectations of this newenvironment. Share how you are engaging students in their future pathways with knowledge oflabour market information, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship