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In 1979 the OSCA Board of Directors set out to establish an award to encourage professional research.  The following March, a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors’ named this award The Frank Clute Award for Professional Research to honour the man who professionally and personally has given so much to our organization.

This award is to encourage an award to encourage professional research.


  • The principal researcher must be an OSCA member.
  • It may be either a research paper, a report of research conducted by the nominee or a detailed description of an innovative research project developed by the nominee.
  • The material must have practical implications for Guidance and Career Education in the schools either directly at the school level or in counsellor training programs or must contribute to an advancement of theoretical knowledge.
  • It must be related to current concerns of the profession and represent a significant involvement of the nominee’s time.
  • The format must include:
    • A rationale for the study, report or research project
    • Background information
    • Sources of information collected and used
    • A discussion of the implications and practical use of the materials


  • Individuals should be encouraged to submit their own work or it may be submitted by another member of OSCA.
  • The nomination must be seconded by another OSCA member
  • An actual copy of the study properly identified as to source and publication or potential publication must be submitted with the nomination form